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The NDT industry continues to thrive even in a down economy. This industry provides public safety by inspecting structures and the materials that makeup those structures. Inspections can be performed on items as simple and small as bolts and screws to the largest of bridges. Industries that incorporate nondestructive inspections include aviation, petrochemical, refinery, pipeline, power generation, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, commercial construction and automotive.

The nondestructive testing industry plays such an important role in protecting our society it is imperative to have standards and regulations in place to ensure technicians are performing proper inspections that document accurate finding that may or may not require corrective actions.

The SNT-TC-1A and the NAS 410 provide recommended standards for personnel qualification and certification in nondestructive testing. This web site will review and summarize most of the recommended training standards that many employers incorporate into their inspection program requirements.

NAS 410 Requirements For:

NAS 410 Requirements